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Welcome to SatForums WebHosting

This site will allow SatForums users to purchase the basic annual hosting packages offered by SatForums & ZCast Live.
Buying your hosting package from us helps support the forum directly.
We also offer full hosting packages as well if you need something a little more then the simple plans we're offering for SatForums members.

There are 2 plans available and you will recieve websites with your forum

The BASIC plan gets you 50mb of Disk space and lets you move upto 250mbytes of data per month.
The ADVANCED plan gets you 100mb of Disk space, 25mb of Database storage and lets you move 500mb of data per month.

To purchase a SatForums BASIC package click ($15/year): HERE

To purchase a SatForums ADVANCED package click ($25/year): HERE

If you have an account already you can manage it here .